“Greemsstory 1988-2007” celebrates Greem’s history as a series of thirteen paintings activated through performance. Each of the thirteen paintings has a different story following a different period of time in Greem’s life. During the performance,  as she folds the paintings, the canvas appears smaller and smaller.  The final painting of Greem as an unborn baby concludes Greemsstory.

The largest painting illustrates her life from 2007~2006, during which she moved to New York. When the painting is folded in half, the backside reveals her life from 2006~2005 when she was working at a clothing shop in Seoul, South Korea. She folds it again and another painting is revealed. This one tells the story of when Greem backpacked across South East Asia. As the performance continues, the imagery changes, flashing through her high school, middle school, elementary school, and kindergarten life. In “Greemstory 1994~1997,”   appears a scene from when she was in kindergarten. There are girls in blue uniform dresses, Greem’s grandmother holding baby Greem in her arms and snakes in one big green landscape. The snakes allude to Greem’s childhood nightmares, and the painting as a whole depicts her life from the moment she was conceived until the age of 4 when she started kindergarten. The series of thirteen paintings took over eight months to complete. After which, Greem created a costume to perform ‘Greemsstory’ in. Inspired by the concept of the unborn baby, the costume symbolized her unborn self. During the course of the performance, the painting is folded over and over,  getting smaller and smaller until Greem reveals the final painting of her as an unborn baby, so small it fits in the palm of her hand. She places the folded painting into her mouth as ‘Greemstory’ draws to a close.